Welcome to SpaceFace

Gggrr. GGRReee. GREETINGS!!! Didn't mean to yell. It's just that our planet, SpaceFace is under attack by the warring Serpentia. It's hard to speak over the horrific sounds of the invasion. Their destructive incursion has just begun. 

I hope you are the Earthlings that Gaines, the CyberRider and guardian of the galaxy promised would be coming to help. Grab a weapon, a shield, anything you can find. SpaceFace must be defended at all costs, or who knows where the invasion will lead to next. Maybe even your planet.

I'm Tellegen, the Kudlott or leader of the planet. I beg of you, don't leave us during the siege or we face certain annihilation. Without your help, evil and darkness will prevail. If you thought Kane, Slender Man or Sephiroth were vile, you got a new level of evil to conceive. Bohash, Jakor and Cobra could eat them for lunch. Their Serpentia challenges await that will push your skills over the red line, beyond the max. Think you can handle it? I hope so. Our existence, and yours, depends on it. So let's go kick some astro-butt!



The SpaceFace App is Coming!

SpaceFace, the game, is coming to an app store near you soon! Get ready for an epic adventure through the galaxy on your iOS or Android device! Click here to learn more!